Myers-Briggs Personality Typing - ENTP

ENTPs are inventors, innovators, explorers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. ENTPs are always looking over the next horizon, trying to push the edge of the envelope, and trying to do what other people say can't be done. What is -- is never good enough. ENTPs have a vision of what could be and a powerful drive to turn their visions into reality.

ENTPs value progress and change, both in their personal lives and in the world as a whole. The idea of a static, unchanging life -- appealing to some SJs -- is abhorrent to an ENTP. ENTPs are always seeking out new experiences, new ideas, and new achievements. While other types may worry that the world is changing too fast, ENTPs are more likely to be frustrated that the world isn't changing fast enough -- in the direction they want it to move.

Like other NTs, ENTPs tend to have a rational, empirical view of the world and often have a strong and early interest in science and technology -- but this world view and these interests are expressed differently in each of the types.

While an INTP may be content to design a system or even just prove it is possible to design a system -- ENTPs want to design and build the system and see it working with their own eyes. In this way, they resemble INTJs in their goals -- but not in their approach toward achieving those goals. INTJs tend to work carefully and methodically with a detailed plan of action -- ENTPs are more likely to have bursts of inspiration that are translated into reality through intermittent periods of extremely intense activity.

ENTPs tend to be sociable -- they enjoy interacting with interesting people and doing interesting things with others. The key word is "interesting". ENTPs have a low boredom threshold, and unlike EF-types, they have little desire to be around other people simply for the sake of being around other people.

More than other NTs, ENTPs value intense experiences -- including emotional experiences -- and are less likely than other NTs to attempt to suppress their emotions. When ENTPs are up, they're on top of the world, facing unlimited possibilities, unbounded horizons, and an exhilarating future. When ENTPs are down, the universe lacks any redeeming qualities, whatsoever.

ENTPs are risk-takers -- flying, skydiving, scuba diving, hang gliding, mountain climbing, and fast cars all have a strong appeal for ENTPs. Unlike STP risk-takers, however, ENTPs are less likely to become experts in a particular activity, and more likely to sample a wide variety of different experiences.

ENTPs have little respect for rules that fail to serve a useful purpose. Rules that significantly inhibit the ability to get things done will be changed, finessed, or simply ignored.

While ENTPs value their personal relationships, they find it easier than some other types (in particular, NFs and SFJs) to leave those relationships behind. An ESFJ, for example, might be terrified by the thought of leaving all of their friends behind and moving alone to a new city. An ENTP in the same situation may miss those friends, but at the same time be looking forward to the new people, new places, new experiences, and new opportunities they may find in their new environment.