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The Number Six

Numerology is is related in many ways to astrology in terms of archetypes and meanings. The number 6 relates to Venus and both sex and love of beauty.

If the full birth date adds down to 6 - They must learn to be responsible, magnetic, dependable, kind, affectionate, artistic, friendly, and a help to those in need. They must learn NOT to be stubborn, obstinate, slow to decide, irresponsible, interfering, and unyielding.

If their birth day is 6, 15, or 24 (adding down to 6): They have a love of all things beautiful, esthetic and comforting, such as art, rich colors and fabrics, music and having a beautiful home. Having a loving nature, they dislike jealousy and discord of any kind. They are likely to be known for their magnetic personality and their ability to read people and situations very accurately.

The full birth name denotes natural talent, skills and abilities, regardless of education or training. If their birth name adds down to 6: They are compassionate, magnetic, dependable, affectionate, concerned, loving, artistic, responsible, and caring. They are also obstinate, dogmatic, stubborn, doubtful, irresponsible, and uncaring.
The vowels in their full name denotes likes and dislikes as well as deep inner needs, desires, and wants.
The consonants in the full name denotes the first impression made on people.

If the family name adds down to 6: Good-looking people tend to run in the family. There is a strong sense of duty and family obligation. They want the best out of life.

The first name indicates the key to the personality apart from the rest of the family. If the first name adds down to 6: They have a sense of duty and responsibility and are helpful, appreciative, affectionate, and comforting.
The first letter of the first name denotes point of view, the foundations of the first name.
The first vowel in the first name indicates how this individual acts instinctively, under pressure.

Full Birth date plus the present year is the theme for the year in question. If these add down to 6: The theme for this year is duty, domestic activity, family life, and responsibility, This year's activities will center around the home, family, loved ones and romance. Esthetic appreciation will run high toward anything beautiful. Attending social functions may provide opportunities for advancement.