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Clark Joseph Kent
29 February, 1972

Birth Name Expression Number is: 6
This denotes natural talent, skills and abilities, regardless of education or training.

Positive: compassionate, magnetic, dependable, affectionate, concerned, loving, artistic, responsible, caring.

Negative: obstinate, dogmatic, stubborn, doubtful, irresponsible, uncaring.

Motivation Number: 8
This denotes likes and dislikes as well as deep inner needs, desires, and wants.

Positive: determined, powerful, faithful, consistent, practical, capable with money and finance, authoritative, strong-willed, loyal.

Negative: misunderstood, cruel, greedy, morbid, destructive, revengeful, hateful.

Personality Number:7
This denotes the first impression made on people.

Positive: analytical, silent, intuitive, spiritual, independent, truth seeking, nature lover, knowledgeable.

Negative: skeptical, sarcastic, cynical, deceptive, withdrawn, fault finding, nervous, self-doubting.

First Name (Key Number): Clark: 9
This indicates the key to the personality apart from the rest of the family.

Desire to inspire and lead, to control the affairs of others, universal and giving, courageous and bold, action oriented, energetic, strong-willed.

Cornerstone Number is: 3
This denotes point of view, the foundations of the first name.

Outgoing and expressive, cheerful attitude, desire to rise to the top, optimistic, youthful.

Instinctive Desire Number: 1
This indicates how this individual acts instinctively, under pressure.

Individualistic, daring, straightforward, a need and desire to be 'first', a take charge attitude.

Family Name: Kent: 5

These family members are usually varied in temperament as well as occupations. A changeable nature runs through the family. As 5 is the number of attractiveness, this family may be quite good looking.

Plane of Expression
The plane, or level of thought, where this individual functions best.

This person functions best on the Emotional Plane

Common Name Expression Number is: 9
Clark Kent

Positive: organizer, energetic, dynamic, inspirational, good opinion of self, leadership oriented, daring, universal in outlook, humane.

Negative: quick tempered, impulsive, day dreamer, narrow minded, combative, emotional, lack of direction.


Your Destiny Number is: 5

He must learn to be: enthusiastic, clever, adaptable, an adventurer, expressive in writing and speech, curious, scientific, crisis oriented.

Learn NOT to be: careless, indifferent, over-indulgent in sensual pleasures, a wanderer, irritable, wasteful, callous.

Dominant Number: 2

He is gentle, imaginative, considerate, persuasive and romantic. Because he is basically sensitive and receptive to people, situations and surroundings, he should choose his friends and living environment with great care.

Personal Year Number for 2006: 3

Theme for this year: Imagination, expansion, self-improvement, creation

General: Happiness, growth, artistic and social developments along with a desire for self-improvement.

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