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The Number Four

Numerology is is related in many ways to astrology in terms of archetypes and meanings. The number 4 relates to Mercury, and therefore creative energy, the catalyst for setting events in motion especially communications.

If the full birth date adds down to 4 - They must learn to be practical, methodical, studious, serious, down-to-earth, disciplined, honest, loyal, punctual and trustworthy. They must learn NOT to be fearful of change, rigid, dogmatic, stubborn, melancholy, dull, boring, and slow.

If their birth day is 4, 13, 22 or 31 (adding down to 4): They like to think of themselves as different in some way from the rest. They have a sense of accomplishment, a sense of purpose and vision. Although cautious and deliberate in nature, in the heat of an argument, they tend to take the side opposite of popular opinion. They have a mechanical, mathematical and inventive turn of mind, but may be moody with a tendency for their feelings to be easily hurt. They have a strong attraction for the odd and unusual and love to be different.

The full birth name denotes natural talent, skills and abilities, regardless of education or training. If their birth name adds down to 4: they are practical, methodical, solid, studious, punctual, organized, structured, visionary, different, useful, and orderly. They are also narrow, slow, stubborn, moody, spiteful, negative, and indifferent.
The vowels in their full name denotes likes and dislikes as well as deep inner needs, desires, and wants.
The consonants in the full name denotes the first impression made on people.

If the family name adds down to 4: Tendencies toward the odd and unusual run in this family. They enjoy doing everything -- or at least most things -- completely different from others.

The first name indicates the key to the personality apart from the rest of the family. If the first name adds down to 4: They are steadfast, dependable, deliberate, serious minded, hard workers with unique ways of doing things.
The first letter of the first name denotes point of view, the foundations of the first name.
The first vowel in the first name indicates how this individual acts instinctively, under pressure.

Full Birth date plus the present year is the theme for the year in question. If these add down to 4: The theme for this year is: Foundation, organization, structure, work. This year, have a plan or schedule for your personal and business dealings. More may be required of them, giving a pressured, or boxed-in feeling. This is a good time to get organized and build a secure and solid foundation.