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James Bond
11 November, 1920

Birth Name Expression Number is: 2
This denotes natural talent, skills and abilities, regardless of education or training.

Positive: gentle, understanding, artistic, romantic, loving, considerate, tactful, sensitive, persuasive, charming, a good listener.

Negative: moody, critical, shy, deceptive, changeable, sloppy, petty, insincere.

Motivation Number: 3
This denotes likes and dislikes as well as deep inner needs, desires, and wants.

Positive: proud, active, optimistic, joyful, creative, ambitious, conscientious, popular, expressive, sociable, youthful.

Negative: boastful, wasteful, superficial, gossipy, dictatorial, careful, extravagant, scheming.

Personality Number: 8
This denotes the first impression made on people.

Positive: determined, powerful, faithful, consistent, practical, capable with money and finance, authoritative, strong-willed, loyal.

Negative: misunderstood, cruel, greedy, morbid, destructive, revengeful, hateful.

First Name (Key Number): James: 3
This indicates the key to the personality apart from the rest of the family.

Outgoing and expressive, cheerful attitude, desire to rise to the top, optimistic, youthful.

Cornerstone Number is: 1
This denotes point of view, the foundations of the first name.

Individualistic, daring, straightforward, a need and desire to be 'first', a take charge attitude.

Instinctive Desire Number: 1
This indicates how this individual acts instinctively, under pressure.

Individualistic, daring, straightforward, a need and desire to be 'first', a take charge attitude.

Family Name: Bond: 8

The family members tend to look older than they really are. Temperamentally, they are conservative, traditional, solid and not afraid to work hard for what they want out of life.

Plane of Expression
The plane, or level of thought, where this individual functions best.

This person functions best on the Physical Plane

Common Name Expression Number is: 7

Positive: analytical, silent, intuitive, spiritual, independent, truth seeking, nature lover, knowledgeable.

Negative: skeptical, sarcastic, cynical, deceptive, withdrawn, fault finding, nervous, self-doubting.

Your Destiny Number is: 7

You must learn to be: inspirational, energetic, an organizer, strong willed, forceful, artistic, humane, generous.

Learn NOT to be: emotional, narrow-minded, hasty in temper, impulsive, bitter, combative.

Dominant Number: 2

You are gentle, imaginative, considerate, persuasive and romantic. Because you're basically sensitive and receptive to people, situations and surroundings, you should choose your friends and living environment with great care.

Personal Year Number for 2001: 7

Theme for this year: Inner growth, sabbatical, self-awareness, self-discovery

General: A year to place special emphasis on your personal life and well-being,with a need to get away from noise and confusion.

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