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Commander Ed Straker is a leading character from the Gerry Anderson television series U.F.O. and was played by Ed Bishop. While the series was produced in 1969, the action was set in 1980.

There are a number of key points used to establish the date for this chart. First the year: Straker is established to be a full USAF Colonel in 1970. By the promotion rules of the time, legally Straker could be no younger than 32 years of age in order to be a full colonel. This puts his birthdate at no later than 1938 and probably earlier.

Sun and Moon Sign: Straker is described repeatedly as being hard, cold, all business, even computer like. This is a fairly good description of a 'Saturn' personality - Capricorn. Since the audience invariably sees him under stress (when Ascendant characteristics are submerged in favor of Sun Sign characteristics) Straker likely has his Sun in Capricorn. However, several episodes also show Straker as charming and witty in social/non-stressful situations, and on occasion even caring and nurturing. He is even shown as having difficulty balancing his desire for a traditional wife and home and the demands of his job. For these reasons a hard or difficult (Opposition or Square) aspect between the Moon and Sun suggested itself, putting his Moon in Aries, Cancer or Scorpio. Since we're working with the idea of balance, Cancer appears to be the best choice.

Ascendant: Ed Bishop, the actor who played Straker, had a Gemini Sun sign. Since it was Bishop's job to bring Straker to 'life', and since he brought much of his own good natured gentleman-ness to soften the original concept of Straker, Straker's ascendant is Gemini, reflecting what the actor brought to the character.

The difficulty Straker is seen having balancing work and home also suggests a strong Saturn influence, as Saturn rules 'ought' and 'should', following the rules and conforming to the standards and demands of society. Saturn moved into Aries on January 14, 1938, and the Moon was in close square to Saturn at 1:18 pm, Eastern Time, as well as being in close opposition to Mercury, which had moved into Capricorn the day before. This created a Cardinal T-Square with Saturn as the focus - both the Moon and Mercury at 90 degrees to Saturn's position.

Cardinal T-Square: These individuals tend to be a critical, impersonal, dominant individuals who are primarily concerned with the vital issues of personal existence, constantly searching for new things to do and to put their vast energies into.

Saturn as Focus of the T-Square: He tends to experience bouts of depression as a result of his negative attitudes and harsh demands on himself. He is inclined to retreat into himself, to exercise rigid control over his feelings, driving himself to overwork and dealing with others as ruthlessly as he deals with himself.

Moon Oppose Mercury: Difficulty balancing emotions and reason, feeling they are in constant opposition. His extremes of emotionality and cold logic confuses others. His distorted thinking causes problems in communication.

Moon Square Saturn: Pessimism, excessive worry. He finds it difficult to let go of the past. May have had a rigidly disciplined early education, may be narrow minded and unnecessarily rigid. May be awkward and shy with women - Strong sense of aloneness, needs to be liked and acts ashamed of his emotions. Needed mother's approval and now idealizes an absent mother.

Mercury Square Saturn: Excessive worry, traditional conservative thinker. May appear to be lazy or mentally indolent stemming from natural tendencies to overestimate difficulties of tasks. He is extremely thorough, however, when he elects to begin those tasks. He has an overwhelming sense of responsibility, conditioned to accept all necessary duties, obsessively determined to get the job done. Callous and critical of failure, he expects perfection in work from others but may interfere with that work, especially if he feels it isn't up to his exacting standards.

All other aspects come naturally from the choice of the hypothetical birthdate based on the emotional weight of one or two chosen 'hard' aspects within a given time frame.

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