James L. Henderson

Archetypes: The Prime Minister, Soul of the Scientists, Mask of the Silent One

11 11l55 10 05k21
9 11j55
8 18i30
12 18a30

Henderson, James Leonard
03-Jan-11 13:47
Norfolk, Virginia
Long: 76.18
Lat: 36.51
7 25h04
1 25b04
6 18g30
2 18c30
3 11d 55
4 05e21 5 11f59
Cardinal : 6
Fixed : 4
Mutable : 2
Fire : 2
Earth : 5
Water : 5
Air : 3
Active : 2
Reactive : 1
Resultant : 7

Dynamic Focus: Neptune Oppose Venus: He is likely to be emotionally oversensitive while failing to grant others the same consideration. He must guard against unconscious emotional problems which he may project onto others, or he may assume the psychic or psychological problems of others, creating confusion and misunderstandings.

Mental Chemistry: Slow Moon, Mercury Following Sun: He will deliberate over every impression and detail involved in a situation, making certain when judging or appraising a situation that he has all the facts and details. When his need for deliberation is blocked, he tends to withdraw into his own private world. However, once he has collected all the information and details, he is a variable fountain of information concerning the subject that has his interest. His mind is deliberate, though self-conscious and it is always within the realm and control of his personality. He has a mental appreciation of art and romance. He has a philosophical mind, somewhat bound to tradition, but not overly so. His mental introspection is directed toward inner realization.

Jupiter as Final Depositor: He is disposed to social, philosophical and moral considerations as a basis of his decisions. He believes in thinking positively and therefore often exudes confidence, optimism and goodwill. He has the ability to instill faith in others, gaining their support and inspiring them to cooperate.

Cutting Planet: Jupiter: He enters into new experiences through educational, religious, philosophic and cultural activities. His confident and optimistic manner enables him to proceed with enthusiasm.

Trailing Planet: : He concludes his experience cycles with a greater intuitive understanding of life's experiences as they relate to the overall spiritual, evolutionary unfoldment of both the individual and humanity. Thus, he achieves a greater degree of compassion and universal understanding.

Venus Trailing Sun: His is the type of personality that feels after the act, judging the performance of an act (his own or others) after it has been transacted, on the basis of aesthetics, procedure or its reception. He does not allow his emotions to directly guide him in his daily life, employing his emotional nature in an evaluative or judicial manner.

Practical Director: Mars: He becomes totally involved in whatever he is doing, sometimes to the point of self-abnegation. He is capable of succeeding in almost anything he does and will not be satisfied until his ambitions are fully realized. He has a great ability to stick with things, but may be inclined to exploit others as a means to actualizing success.

Earth: He tends to be involved in the mundane, immediate, and practical affairs of life. he is stable and tends to be more concerned with physical well-being than spiritual attainment.
Cardinal: He expresses himself well though external situations, projecting himself into his experiences, sometimes without regard or consideration for others. He is ambitious rather than adaptable, desiring excitement and activity.
Cadent: He is able to foresee the final outcome of particular situations and actions and tends to be concerned with the entire process surrounding an act, rather than the isolated incident itself. However, he may become so involved in analyzing actions and reactions that he may forget how to initiate action by himself.

Taurus Ascendant: He is very calm and deliberate in his actions, not liking to move quickly or act hastily. He is practical, patient, persistent and sometimes quite stubborn. Outwardly, he almost always appears calm and self-possessed, calming others with his presence since his exterior does not readily reveal his emotions, but lets him show an earthy type of warmth, friendliness and charm.
Sun-Moon Polarity (9-10): His emotional identification with his parents is a powerful force in his life and may have delayed him becoming established independently. He may have to give a lot before he realizes any rewards from his efforts, but then he should do quite well because he handles responsibility well.

Sun in Capricorn: He is not content to merely keep body and soul together, but must succeed well. He has a great capacity for hard work, and a great faith in his own powers, being both worldly and careful. A born executive and skillful at finding solutions for difficult problems.
Sun in Ninth House: He has a dynamic interest in spiritual and religious pursuits, expressed in activity in higher education, religion, law and philosophy. He has a highly developed intuitive mind and had frequent flashes of inspiration that help to solve problems. His visions of the future can border on prophecy. He has an interest in foreign affairs and distant places and will probably dwell far from his birthplace. He has strong moral convictions and may desire to be an authority in some aspect of religion, law, education or philosophy.
Sun Sextile Jupiter: A generous and optimistic nature, He is curious and sympathetic, approaching his goals with enthusiasm, having a great understanding and confidence in his own abilities. He travels to gain knowledge of the world and different peoples. He has excellent mental abilities and may prefer wholesome environments to extreme wealth. He is charitable, giving a helping hand to those less fortunate than he, and is a kind and benevolent parent. He needs to be free to use his creative abilities in activities far removed from the usual routine. If not self-employed, he should have self-determination in the work-place. Education would be a suitable profession for him, but whatever field he chooses, he will always try to serve his patrons with understanding and professional competence.

Moon in Aquarius: A capacity to sympathize with the needs of humanity, with occasional intuitive flashes of knowledge. He is friendly to all people, in a impersonal way, seeking freedom of emotional expression and freedom for himself within his home life, therefore his home life and family relationships may be unusual. May have a tendency to emotional perversity and stubbornness.
Moon In Tenth House: A strong need to achieve prominence and recognition. May have come from a family with high standing in the community. Mother may have been a dominant influence. May do well in politics.
Moon Inconjunct Neptune: He is sympathetic towards others, offering service when help appears needed. It may be difficult for him to remain detached due to his deep feeling nature. In professional affairs, he will over extend himself unnecessarily, angering co-workers. May not be easy to see others as they really are, tending to project qualities on them they don't possess, then becoming depressed when they don't live up to those illusions. He must beware of neglecting his own needs and has an obligation to develop his own ideas in whatever way is needful to achieve his goals. He has to apply himself diligently to secure his rightful place in the world. He must learn to avoid people who expect him to do more than his share.

Mercury in Capricorn: An ambitious, practical, and shrewd mind, concerned with attaining status via material accomplishments. Methodical in thought and procedure, with thought, though perhaps not original, thinking. He is conservative and realistic, respecting those beliefs that have stood the test of time.
Mercury in Ninth House: An interest in philosophy, law and higher education. His decisions are based on ethical and moral as well as practical considerations. He loves travel and is curious about foreign lands and peoples. May have prophetic insight into the future.
Mercury Conjunct Venus: An affable manner and social grace. He can get along with most people due to the ability to know when and when not to compromise to maintain harmony. He knows how to express his opinion so others do not feel threatened or intimidated and he is resourceful in gathering information to document his positions. He is fairly clever in devising schemes to increase his financial assets.
Mercury Square Saturn: A tendency to excessive worry, mental inhibitions. Rigidly disciplined early education, forced conformity to conventional thought. May be narrow minded with an unnecessarily rigid adherence to discipline. Outlook on life tends to be pessimistic, may be prone to jealousy. He is unusually vulnerable to co-workers conspiring against him on the job. He must be constantly alert to the problem, keeping himself well informed. He fears he is destined to remain in obscurity, but can rise above this by getting as much education as possible, allowing him to extend himself in new and unusual ways.
Mercury Oppose Neptune: Imaginative, creative and has high aspirations, however he is easily distracted by people who challenge his efforts to express himself. He may be naive and unrealistic, falling victim to the subversive actions of others, perhaps even becoming paranoid following defeat. May have difficulty in personal relationships due to his constant disbelief of their honorable intentions. It irritates him when he doesn't know the answer to a question. This emphasizes the importance of being well-informed. He must avoid displaying his intellect in an arrogant or pompous manner. He must get formal training to fulfill his obligations to himself and society. Education replaces vague impressions with objective understanding in how the mind works.
Mercury Conjunct Uranus: Mental genius and originality, a lightning quick mind. He is able to gain insight via intuitive flashes and may be interested in mental telepathy. An interest in science, especially electronics. He is able to arrive at original solutions to difficult problems others overlook.
Mercury Inconjunct Pluto: An overwhelming sense of responsibility having been conditioned to accept all duties as important, essential tasks. May tend to interfere with other's duties, causing disputes. Is ambitious to succeed, but may be extremely difficult to work for, since he expects perfection. He should develop at least one hobby to get his mind and energies away from work. His financial situation will improve if he makes a commitment to use his knowledge. Education improves earning ability, but also builds character. A professional or political career might seem attractive so as to give him the authority to accomplish his desires. There is a spiritual factor underlying his eagerness to take on these social responsibilities.
Mercury Trine Ascendant: Keen mental and sensory perception, coupled with quick, intelligent mind. He can express himself fluently and has a high degree of intelligence.

Venus in Capricorn: A need for material status and wealth for emotional security. May seek to improve status via marriage. Proud and reserved in public behavior, disliking overt public displays of emotion. May be very sensual privately. A sense of aloneness generates a subtle mystique about him. Loyal and steadfast to those they love, sensing a personal responsibility in personal relationships. May have a love of classical art and music. Good business sense related to art.
Venus in Ninth House: A love of philosophy, religion and art. May enjoy long journeys for pleasure. Strong attachments to foreign people and religions. High ideals concerning love and may try to convert loved one to their own philosophical views. Well educated in regards to art and music.
Venus Conjunct Uranus: A sparkling, effervescent personality, extremely popular and sociable with a dynamic zest for a full and unrestricted life-style. Best suited for an occupation that allows creativity and change and avoids routine. It may be difficult for him to establish long term or permanent relationships as his requirements for personal freedom are pronounced.
Venus Oppose Neptune: A boundless and sometimes dangerous imagination. Unrealistic idealism and dreams can lead to disappointments. A deeply sensitive, but also suspicious nature makes it difficult to deal with others in a close relationship. He must get formal training to fulfill his obligations to himself and society. Education replaces vague impressions with objective understanding in how the mind works. He has an affinity for solving problems that require sophisticated solutions. But his rise to public prominence will be eased if he understands how much he needs to know to win people's respect.
Venus Inconjunct Pluto: He may overburden himself by going to extremes in his emotional relationships. He must be extremely wary in entering into partnerships and in making agreements with anyone, as negative elements seem to creep into his affairs and other people may take advantage of his emotional stress. A professional or political career might seem attractive so as to give him the authority to accomplish his desires. There is a spiritual factor underlying his eagerness to take on these social responsibilities. He continually seeks out important people who can introduce him to a wider circle of social contacts. He regards this as a worthwhile investment in his career, despite possible personal sacrifice.
Venus Trine Ascendant: A charming and conciliatory manner, sociable, refined and gracious, able to make friends easily, but also making concessions to them so they will keep liking him. He avoids discussing other people's negative qualities to avoid criticism of himself.

Mars In Sagittarius: Strong religious and philosophical convictions. May be a crusader for causes he espouses, may arouse resentment by trying to convert others to his views. Capable of acting out of idealistic motives, he seeks to improve the social order surrounding him. A strong love of sports, outdoor games, hunting. Likes adventure and travel. May seek to be leader in law, religion, and higher education, but tends to traditional lines. May scatter energies. He tends to over-look needs in his immediate environment.
Mars in Seventh House: Aggressively involved in partnership activities, or in working with the public. Partners likely to be aggressive, Mars-types. Prefers to act in cooperation with others, tendency to impulsive behavior. May have tendency to interact with others for selfish or competitive reasons.
Mars Sextile Midheaven: Favorable for constructive action in both professional and domestic affairs. Opportunities for career advancement leading to fulfillment at home.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Large scale involvements in matters concerning joint or corporate finances, taxes, insurance or legacies. Strong interest in the occult, telepathy. Can be intense and uncompromising about philosophic and religious beliefs and standards. May make powerful and bitter enemies. Tends to acquire secret information regarding the private affairs of others. Strange friendships based on hidden motivations.
Jupiter in Sixth House: Active interest in service and constructive work. An interest in healing the body and mind, spiritual healing. Usually well liked and respected in their work.
Jupiter Square Midheaven: A tendency to have grandiose ideas concerning career and ostentation at home. May spend more than he can afford on his home, or have greater ambitions than abilities. May have a large family that creates burdens.

Saturn in Aries: A person forced by circumstances to acquire initiative, patience and self-reliance in providing the practical necessities. It is difficult for him to see himself as others see him, may lack an awareness of social justice and the rights of others. Resourceful, capable of producing innovative concepts concerning his chosen field of endeavor. May be self-centered, concerned about his own needs and security while overlooking the needs of others. May be short on diplomacy, may have tendency to headaches and worry.
Saturn in Twelfth House: Much time spent in seclusion or working behind the scenes in a large institution, such as hospitals, government, corporations. May find it difficult to gain proper recognition. May tend to loneliness and depression.
Saturn Square Neptune: He is sometimes given to unrealistic fears concerning poverty or personal incompetence. He may be overly anxious concerning things he has no control over, feeling unnecessary guilt and becoming emotionally stressed. He may lack self confidence and self-love, leading to under achievement due to fear of failure. Although his ideas may seem implausible, he has the ability to apply them with discrimination. He tempers reason with consideration of other people's feelings, fulfilling their needs as well as his own. He operates on a largely subconscious level and tries to avoid unpleasant truths about himself. A little honesty will go a long way to can free him from hang-ups, and release hidden talents.
Saturn Sextile Pluto: He has the ability to organize and control the power of the will and has opportunities to regenerate himself through discipline and hard work. He may have scientific talents in physics and mathematics and may be ambitious, but he also has the ability to use power wisely and decisively. Careful planning in using his resources can help him reach his goals and achieve financial security he wants for has later years. He understands his obligations to society, and with little effort he can solve many problems. He can give society what it needs while still meeting his own needs.

Uranus in Capricorn: Generational: They will effect important changes in government and business power structures. Strong ambitions and desires to succeed. Original ideas in science and business. May be overly ambitious and tend to over extend in pursuit of professional advancement.
Uranus in Ninth House: Advanced ideas in regard to religion, philosophy, higher education. May depart from orthodox religious views, with progressive ideas concerning education. May have utopian ideas. Inclined to sudden travel and adventure.
Uranus Oppose Neptune: One of a generation who lives in a time of social unrest. Destiny forces them to choose sides in large religious, social and political controversies. He may possess a conscious, intuitive sensitivity. He must be careful concerning his psychic abilities and may tend to neurotic tendencies, alcoholism, or sexual involvement. There may be extremism, rigid, unreasonable attitudes and possible fanaticism. He must get formal training to fulfill his obligations to himself and society. Education replaces vague impressions with objective understanding in how the mind works. Being well informed is very important and he tries to learn as much as he can about many different subjects. He always makes a worthwhile contribution in discussions, often amazing others with his knowledge.
Uranus Inconjunct Pluto: He may feel powerless to do anything about the sociological, religious or political conditions surrounding him. He may feel overwhelmed and bitter over past overpowering circumstances, especially economic circumstances. A professional or political career might seem attractive so as to provide him the authority to accomplish his desires. There is a spiritual factor underlying his eagerness to take on these social responsibilities. His investment in learning as much as possible has greatly enhanced his ability to earn a comfortable income. He understands that financial security is important in giving freedom to succeed in other objectives.
Uranus Trine Ascendant: An original, bright distinctive, intuitive mode of personal expression combined with willpower. May be tall and striking in some way. May have some degree of clairvoyance or intuitive insight. A natural leader with the ability to spark enthusiasm in others and gain their support and cooperation. Tendency to enter relationships via unusual circumstances.

Neptune in Cancer: Generational: One of a generation with strong psychic ties to home, family and Earth. Highly sympathetic and emotionally sensitive. May tend to be religious in a emotional way. May have psychic or mediumistic tendencies. Has an intuitive awareness of what is needed in any situation as it occurs. May be easily thrown off balance by the psychic and emotional impact of everyday crises. May be overly drawn into the problems of others.
Neptune in Third House: Intuitive mind, able to receive ideas from other planes of energy. Highly developed capacity for visualization. Possible telepathic abilities. Inclined to study occult and mystical subjects. Practicality in thinking and discipline in study is called for. May have misunderstandings with siblings and/or neighbors.
Neptune Sextile Ascendant: A subtle but charming personality with a magnetic ability to gain support of others. Extremely sensitive to all factors relating to relationships and partnerships with others. Indicates E.S.P., or clairvoyance. He sometimes knows what another person is going to say before it is said.

Pluto in Gemini: Generational: One of a generation that saw major technological breakthroughs.
Pluto in Second House: A driving ambition to acquire money and material resources. Personal financial ambitions likely involve other people's money. May have great resourcefulness in making money via the ability to perceive hidden financial possibilities. Speculation may cause legal and financial difficulties.

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