Alec E. Freeman

Archetypes: The Farmer, Soul of the Peacemaker, Mask of the Student

11 13g00

10 03f50

9 13e00 8 16d14

12 16h14 Freeman, Alec E.
08-May-33 19:13
New Castle, NS Wales, Australia
Long: -151.4
Lat: -32.55
7 22c33
1 22i 33

6 16b14
2 16j 14

3 13k00
4 03l50 H24a45

5 13a00
Cardinal : 0
Fixed : 3
Mutable : 5
Fire : 1
Earth : 3
Water : 1
Air : 2
Active : 3
Resultant : 0
Reactive : 4

Mercury precedes Sun, Fast Moon
His mind is eager and untrammeled, free from interference by inner reactions or feelings. It is functioning in its own realm and leading the individual in and out of life experiences. He is quick to respond to life experiences and the needs they pose. He is perceptive and active.

Venus Follows Sun
He has the type of personality that feels after the act, judging the performance of an act (by himself or others) after it has been transacted, on the basis of aesthetics, procedure, or its reception. Generally, he does not allow his emotions to directly guide him through his daily life, employing his emotional nature instead in an evaluative or judicial manner.

Scout Planet: Mercury He is a thinking type, able to think and reason his way through problems and difficulties confronting him, arriving at the best way to deal with a situation. The mind is sharp and alert and should be allowed to guide the person through his or her everyday experiences. He should be able to deal directly with a job, function, or technique without conflict or external interference. Efficiency, practicality, and reliability may be his forte, though he should try to cultivate creativity.

Cutting Planet: Saturn He has a systematic, organized, disciplined approach to new endeavors. He is cautious about committing himself until he has sized up a situation. If Saturn is afflicted, fear of some kind can stand in the way of opportunities for new expression and experience, or he may take on too much responsibility and find himself overloaded with work.

Trailing Planet: Moon He concludes his cycles of experience with a changed sense of values about the seemingly unimportant daily activities of life.

Mutable Preponderance He is adaptable and practical rather than idealistic or exploitive, fitting easily into most situations. There is a possibility of much personal freedom, though he may be incapable of decisive or self-directed action.
Emphasized Characteristics:

Absence of Cardinal Signs: He is an individual who may have great control over the outcome of any situation in which he becomes involved. He does not need to become attached to a situation or ideal in order to realize the meaning of personal existence.

Sun in Taurus His is the most conservative sign of the zodiac. By nature he is calm and serene and prefers a slow, even tempo of life. He is not to be hurried and tends to become a little suspicious of those who would rush him. He has good realistic common sense, extraordinary patience, and a strong sense of loyalty.
Possessions are very important to him as symbols of well-being and security. This includes his ideas, philosophy of life, and spiritual concepts and he watches over them jealously. If anything that he feels belongs to him is threatened, he will react violently. His manner of meeting problems is to plod into them at a deliberate, methodical pace without any sense of urgency; he prefers to move slowly, thinking over carefully each step that he takes. He can be quite persistent, and, on occasion, can be obstinate and stubborn. Even if set back, he usually refuses to admit defeat. He regroups his forces and plods slowly ahead once more confidant in his philosophy that a stubborn pursuit of his objective will ultimately be rewarded with Success.
By nature he is inclined to be sensual with a strong appreciation for the beautiful, taking particular delight in its expression in plastic form, as for example, statuary and other solid art objects. In paintings he leans toward the pastel hues. His decisions are often influenced by the consideration of what is both practical and beautiful, that is, design is as important to him as is function.
Sun in Sixth House His health tends to be delicate, requiring proper attention to dietary habits. Recuperation after illness may be lengthy. He tends to seek distinction through his work and service. He is an excellent worker because he takes pride in his work. However, he does demand outward gestures of appreciation, and if these are not forthcoming, he may be ill-disposed toward his employers and fellow employees and is likely to change jobs. He can be demanding and authoritarian toward his subordinates.
Sun Conjunct Venus Power and energy in emotions, lover of life, cheerful, optimistic, wants to be liked. Has beauty and ease of expression, talent in art and music. He may not care about others' needs or want to know how they think, signifying he is determined to get as much from them as he can to satisfy his own needs. Conversely, he may be motivated by a strong spiritual commitment to serve others, in which case, his results are much greater than his sacrifices. His knowledge sustains those who need intellectual nourishment. He realizes that unless he is willing to help other people becoming more self-reliant, his own growth will be limited.
Sun Trine Jupiter The enthusiastic, optimistic, outgoing quality of this trine is directed into religious, philosophic, legal, social, and community affairs. He is positive and altruistic in his attitudes and consequently gains the confidence and cooperation of others. This attribute leads in turn to good fortune and success. He is protected by spiritual forces where his basic happiness and safety are concerned, so he is never completely down and out. He are generous in helping his fellow man. He is honest, bases his actions on an ethical and religious standard of conduct. He has insight into the future and a degree of farsightedness bordering on prophecy.
Sun Square Saturn There may be obstacles in the way of his self-expression and he may have had a life of hardship and drudgery. The obstacles which frequently threaten professional and romantic fulfillment can be overcome through extremely hard work and severe discipline. Everything is earned the hard way; nothing comes freely. Prolonged and repeated frustrations in self-expression can lead to a pessimistic outlook and a too traditional in approaching problems. He must cultivate the virtues of optimism and cheerfulness.

Moon in Libra He has a strong sensitivity to the attitudes and reactions of others, especially marriage partners and close working partners. He finds vulgarity displeasing and is easily upset by inharmonious relationships, which can have an adverse effect on his health. There is charm and elegance in his personal appearance and mannerisms. His home will probably be a place of beauty and may be a gathering place for social activities. THe is courteous, gracious, and kind to everyone - because his emotional well being depends upon the approval of others. On the negative side, He has a tendency to be easily influenced without due consideration for the value of the action or attitude that is adopted.
Moon in Eleventh House He has a powerful emotional need for friendships and group activities. He has many acquaintances, but not necessarily of a lasting or meaningful nature. His hopes, objectives, and motivations fluctuates with his moods. He may have numerous friendships with women. His home may often used as a place for group activity. Many friendships are made through family associations. His emotional state is influenced by the opinions and reactions of friends. He does not like to be alone and needs companionship for his emotional well-being. However, at times he needs to be alone to stabilize his feelings.
Moon Oppose Mercury Difficulty balancing emotions and reason, feeling they are in constant opposition. His extremes of emotionality and cold logic confuses others. His distorted thinking causes problems in communication. He is suspicious of people who make demands, so questions their motives. He does not discuss his financial affairs openly, talking privately only with people he trusts implicitly.
Moon Oppose Uranus There may be indicate emotional perverseness and instability with frequent, unexpected changes in mood and attitude, which are confusing to others. Undependability and unpredictability may so exasperate family and friends that they will separate from him or avoid him as much as possible. There can also be nervous tension which sometimes is manifested as irritability. He tends to make many new and sudden acquaintances, but as a rule these will not endure long. His tendency to seek unusual experiences can drain too much time and energy from important responsibilities of life and lead to the breaking of domestic ties in order to pursue adventure.
Moon Square Pluto He has an intensely emotional nature, generating a psychic field which can make others, especially women, uneasy. There is a desire to forget the past or destroy all ties which have a confining effect. He tends to be abrupt with his family and will brook no interference from them. He may have clairvoyant abilities which sometimes lead to disdain or distaste for material things. He is often are annoyed by trivialities and petty details and wants to be concerned only with things that are important or unique in some way. Very often he is impatient when things move too slowly to suit him. He has a tendency to force actions and relationships with others.

Mercury in Aries He is decisive and competitive, fond of debate and argument. He may have the ability to think rapidly and may produce many original ideas, however he may be impulsive when making decisions and may have a too personal point of view leading to intellectual egotism and headstrong attitudes. He is impatient with opposition and delays and will often act just to make a decision, to avoid lengthy decision- making processes, and he may not always follow through on the ideas he initiates. He tends to be irritable with a quick temper.
Mercury in Fifth House He has an intellectual interest in many artistic and creative endeavors. He has the ability to express himself in a dramatic and forceful manner and wishes to be admired for his intellectual achievements. He may tend to be concerned with and proud of his children's intellectual achievements. He is romantically attracted to intellectual types who provide mental stimulation and excitement.
Mercury Conjunct Uranus Mental genius and originality, a lightning quick mind. He is able to gain insight via intuitive flashes and may be interested in mental telepathy. An interest in science, especially electronics. He is able to arrive at original solutions to difficult problems others overlook.

Venus in Taurus He has a love of comfort, luxury, beautiful surroundings, good food, and opulence in general. Therefore, the money that makes such things possible is important to him. Because the Moon, which rules the domestic scene, is exalted in Taurus, he will seek to make his home beautiful and artistic. Personal beauty is important to him as well, and he will seek to make himself as attractive and youthful as possible. He has an innate sense of the value of material objects and an ability to make purchases of beauty and long-lasting quality. Because he tends to like material things, he may engage in business dealing with art and luxury goods. He feels a close kinship with the earth and gains pleasure and solace from flowers, trees, and other plants. He may take up gardening or growing flowers as a hobby.
Venus in Sixth House This indicates social activities and romantic involvements established through work. The work performed is usually connected with artistic pursuits or social doings. Love of work and harmonious, friendly relationships with co-workers, employees, and employers are typical. Working conditions can be harmonious and beautiful. People with this position often marry someone they meet through their work. This position gives a love of beautiful clothing and an ability in dress-making and design. Affection is often lavished on pets and small animals. The health is good, but not robust; he can enjoy good health if it is not abused. Health may improve after marriage.
Venus Sextile Pluto He has strong feelings and keen perceptions. He understands the transforming power of love and can help others in understanding how to raise relationships to a higher level. Dynamic, original creativity goes with this sextile, especially in art or music. He has an understanding of the laws of harmony and balance as they relate to creative principles and may be able to clearly articulate them.

Mars in Virgo He has skill and energy in work. He plans his actions carefully and executes them systematically. He is unlikely to take action without good practical reasons, and has strong perfectionist attitudes, which may stand in the way of getting anything done at all. He may have disagreements with co-workers, employees and employers. There is a danger of accidents on the job and a nervous and irritable temperament.
Mars in Tenth House Desire for fame and status, energetic in career pursuits, competitive drive to reach top. May desire to have power at any cost, may not respect an authority that is less than totally successful.
Mars Conjunct Neptune He has strong psychic magnetism and may may have healing abilities, since an abundance of psychic energy is available to them. He may also be interested in magical forces or the use of occult power. His desires and ambitions can lead to lofty spiritual achievement, but his goals can also tend toward the impractical, the unrealistic or the overly romantic and may lead him into misguided activities. Quite often these activities are determined almost entirely by unconscious impulses, and they sometimes result in disaster. He has a tendency to act through subterfuge and secrecy, and his movements are often surrounded with mystery. Romantic involvement and exotic or peculiar emotional desires are often present.
Mars Trine Ascendant He has a strong physical constitution combined with willpower and decisiveness. His strength and directness inspire confidence in others and gain their cooperation. He leads an active lives, is quick in his responses, and accomplishes much.
Mars Conjunct Midheaven He is highly ambitious and desires importance and prominence in the world and in his professional life. His energy is directed toward definite purposes that will further his long range goals. He is highly competitive where position is concerned and will fight to get to the top.

Jupiter in Virgo He values work and will offer practical service to others. He demands integrity in detail and is able to sift truth from error when confronted with a large amount of information. But he may have a moralistic concern for detailed perfection which many people will find difficult to deal with. If this concern is carried too far, he may make mountains out of molehills and lose a sense of the relative importance of various factors involved in work and service, especially the human factor. He regards cleanliness and order as being of utmost importance; these values are a cornerstone of his moral integrity and he disapproves of sloppy, Bohemian habits of dress or housekeeping. His religious and moral beliefs are based on the concept of service, and he regards high ideas as of little value unless they receive practical application. This sense of realism makes him conservative and somewhat orthodox in his social and religious outlook.
Jupiter in Tenth House He will gain prominence and high standing in his profession, in the later part of his life. He applies religious and ethical principles to business dealings and public responsibilities. Benevolent actions lead to positions of influence, but these good deeds may not be apparent to the casual observer. He has considerable professional ambition, as well as honesty and reliability concerning professional duties or public office. He will probably have a good reputation and is regarded as a pillar of society. He has organizational and executive ability and therefore would be a good manager or business executives.

Saturn in Aquarius He has a capacity for well-organized mental concentration. His mind is impersonal and scientific and the concern for impartial truth is paramount. He is mentally ambitious, often working hard to make original scientific discoveries or new applications of scientific knowledge that will bring him status and distinction. He has an ability to visualize form and structure, often of a geometric nature, and may have mathematical ability. He is loyal and responsible to friends and to groups with which he works; he may become involved in highly structured fraternal organizations, such as the Freemasons. He is generally level-headed, offering good advice based on universal laws.
Saturn in Third House He has mental discipline and practicality; ideas are judged according to their usefulness. Speech is deliberate. Mathematical and scientific ability are evident, thanks to the patience and methodical-ness Saturn gives to the thinking process. People with this position often work in publishing, printing, and the communications media. They make good accountants, secretaries, researchers, librarians, writers, and teachers. They are careful where contracts are concerned, and they exercise caution when signing papers or making agreements. He is not inclined to travel, except for business purposes. Business activities may require much telephoning and writing.

Uranus in Aries Generational: Uranus in the sign Aries indicates people whose mission it is to blaze new trails in science and social reform. Freedom to act in their own way is of paramount importance to them. They have courage, daring, initiative, and resourcefulness. When Uranus is afflicted in Aries, however, they can be explosively impulsive, politically fanatic, violent, and indiscriminate in their rejection of the past.
This sign position makes its natives blunt and outspoken. As a generation they demand change and refuse to live in the style of their parents or preceding generations. Their spirit of adventure is strong, and they need constant new experiences in order to remain happy.
Impulsiveness and temper are the pitfalls of this sign position. Natives must learn to develop more consideration for others and a greater ability to cooperate. when individualism is carried to extremes, it blinds people to the social structure upon which large endeavors depend.
Uranus in Fifth House This indicates sudden and unusual romantic involvements. Romances blossom suddenly but break off just as suddenly. Romantic partners may be eccentric, ingenious, or otherwise remarkable. He is unlikely to follow conventional sexual morality, since he tends to seek excitement through pleasurable pursuits. Stock market activities could bring precipitous changes in fortune, for better or worse.
Uranus Square Pluto Generational:(those born in the early 1930s) who live in times of drastic upheaval. Very often their lives are disrupted and dislocated by wars, revolutions, economic collapse, and even natural catastrophes. Willfulness, eccentricity, radical political views, and revolutionary tendencies characterize the natives who are strongly influenced by this square. This group has a strong tendency to reform the established order. Their motives and ideals are usually worthy. However, the fact that they must cope with momentous social problems from birth makes them feel that they do not know what it is to be young and carefree. Natives with this square, even when born into affluence, never feel secure. They also have serious lessons to learn regarding the sexual function. The aspect coincides with a period in history in which there is much sexual abuse.

Neptune in Virgo Generational: Creative, imaginative faculties thwarted by adverse material conditions. Tendency to psychosomatic illness, doubt, negativity towards intuitive impulses.
Neptune in Tenth House Intuitive factors play an important part in his career. This is a good position for ministers, psychologists and psychiatrists, astrologers, and clairvoyants. His career may involve activities carried on secretly or behind the scenes or under security. This position can signify a capacity for spiritual leadership. One of his parents may have been unusual in some way; the profession is always unusual and has bizarre circumstances surrounding it. Many actors, musicians, and artists have Neptune in the Tenth House.
Neptune Trine Ascendant He has a subtle sensitivity to life which may include clairvoyant ability, or at least a well-developed intuition. He is likely to be somewhat intriguing or mysterious in his personal appearance and mannerisms. His eyes seem to have a magnetic quality. His great empathy with his surroundings extends to human relationships. This intuitive ability to sense the moods of others gives him an advantage in winning confidence, popularity, and cooperation. He can expect to have a rapport with his marriage partner.
Neptune Conjunct Midheaven He tends to be anything but the average employer's ideal of stable a employee. The dreams and mystical qualities of Neptune do not combine well with the routine discipline required by the average job. He would do better in a profession that makes use of his creative imaginations and ascetic traits. Even though he may be in the public eye, he feels spiritually isolated - alone in a crowd, and in fact most people do not understand their inner motivations. He should be careful not to get involved in secret intrigues, especially when he cannot know all the factors involved. Private secrets are not so private when Neptune is found in this position.

Pluto in Cancer Generational: (1914 - 1939) Domestic concerns. A penetrating mind, strong opinions, forcibly expressed or not at all.
Pluto in Eight House A powerful occult influence that deals with understanding the continuity of life and consciousness after destruction of the physical body. The need to know the immortal can be manifested as an interest in reincarnation, karma, astrology, yoga, meditation, and other occult subjects. The awareness of subtle planes of energy gives profound insight into physics, a subject dealing with energy and the fundamental constituents of matter. He may be able to overcome evil by reliance on higher spiritual powers. He also has the ability to regenerate the discarded resources of others. He has a powerful will, sometimes combined with clairvoyant ability. He may have an extreme do-or-die attitude; life to him is a serious business, and he usually concerns himself only with really important matters, having little patience for trivialities. Hence he is prone to getting involved in drastic life-and-death situations can cause him to reverse his way of life or moral outlook. Many of his activities are carried on in secret and appear only in the final stages of development.

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