Gay Ellis

Archetypes: The Witness, Soul of the Analyst, Mask of the Mother

11 22a06 10 10l48 9 22k06 8 03k24
12 03c24
Ellis, Gay Joyce
08-Jun-54 06:01
Lancaster, Great Britain
Long: 2.48
Lat: 53.03
7 14j42


1 14d42

6 03i24
2 03e24 J22e48R

3 22e06

4 10f24

5 22g06
Cardinal : 7
Fixed : 2
Mutable : 3
Fire : 1
Earth : 2
Water : 7
Air : 2
Active : 2
Reactive : 2
Resultant : 0

Slow Moon. Her actions are deliberate and cautious. She may be slow and lax in responding to the needs and challenges posed by life, but she is less inclined toward rash acts and poor judgment than most.

Mercury follows Sun Her mind is deliberate, though self-conscious and within the realm and control of personality.
She may be mentally withdrawn and unsocial. Rationalizations and conclusions are often based largely upon her personal views and understanding of the subject. She is liable to experience difficulty when attempting to effect change within her own field of experience.

Venus Follows Sun Venus rising after the Sun is symbolic of the type of personality that feels after the act, judging the performance of an act (by herself or others) after it has been transacted, on the basis of aesthetics, procedure, or its reception. Generally, she does not allow her emotions to directly guide her through her daily life, employing her emotional nature instead in an evaluative or judicial manner.

Scout Planet: MARS With Mars as the Scout planet, the experiences that come about through direct action will guide and determine major life efforts. There will be skirmishes in the preparation of major advances in. creative efforts. There is also liable to be some strife and consternation. She will tend to challenge the obstacles in her path. She may have a chip on the shoulder: "I'm a little bit bigger than you are, and I can flex my muscles," muscles of whatever kind - physical, mental, or emotional. Through such testing and challenging, she should gain a sense of what is required to overcome the major obstacles that confront her. Mars, as the Scout planet, gives a strong strategic sense in planning and carrying out personal creative endeavors and ambitions. If Mars is afflicted in the natal horoscope, there is a tendency to be continually involved in battles and confrontations.

Cutting Planet: SUN Her initial contact with new experiences of life comes through creative self-expression. She tends to enter into new activities through a show of personal power, initiative, and creative activity. The affairs ruled by the sign and house in which the Sun is found can play a significant part in the contacts with new experiences. The houses where Leo and Aries are found also play an important part. It should be remembered that the houses where the Sun and Leo are found and the Fifth House are places of power. The house carrying Aries, representing the exaltation of the Sun, shows where the individual makes new beginnings.

Cardinal Preponderance She will be one who constantly attempts to project herself into experiences, possibly without regard or consideration for others. Such a person can express herself well through external situations and issues.

Ruler of Asc: MOON
House of Ruler: 3

SUN in Gemini Individuals born under the intellectual air sign Gemini are ruled by Mercury and think and act swiftly. The key phrase for Gemini is "I think."
Since Mercury has to do with communication, Geminis must identify and classify. They must produce words and models in order for their contacts to be meaningful to them. Speech is especially important to them, serving as a framework for their activities. Words are anchoring or safety devices, as the mind jumps from one thing to another. Geminis' ease of speech is a positive attribute, but they must keep in mind the harm they can do by being chatterboxes.
They are thirsty for knowledge and eager to study. Generally, they have a highly developed learning capacity. Their inventive imagination qualifies them for professions in writing, experimentation, and criticism.
Geminis' reactions are prescribed by the mood of the moment; hence the dual quality to their personality. Variety is the spice of life as they see it, and this philosophy makes them high-strung. Unless things go their way, they are likely to become depressed. Geminis are happiest when they have more than one dominant interest.
Their state of nervous awareness allows no intellectual or physical tranquility. In emergencies, therefore, they rarely lose control, and their ingenuity provides unsuspected solutions.
Geminis are the non-conformists of the Zodiac. Thus, they must maintain their separateness and remain different from those around them. They feel that if their potential is to be fully realized they must emerge from every possible kind of bondage. They rebel against the status quo, often breaking rules and resisting authority, never yielding their individuality to one place or to one person. They will never act because someone or convention tells them to do so. However, as they grow older, they come to realize that cooperation is necessary to self-fulfillment.

SUN in Twelfth HouseShe may be shy, preferring to stay in the background if possible. Because she doesn't like to be watched, she may find it difficult to meet new people or to get up in front of a group. It's hard for her to be open and direct, even when she knows there is nothing to be afraid of.
She may have had an extremely painful experience when she was very young. If so, she may think it was a punishment for something that she did, and may be afraid that it will happen again.
When growing up, she probably had an unusual understanding of the supernatural. She is a compassionate person. Getting up in front of an audience will probably never be easy, although she can learn to do it if she really wants to. But she would rather be the one who works behind the scenes and really makes things happen. She takes pride in true accomplishment rather than empty show.

Moon in Virgo She has an exacting, hardworking, practical nature with great regard for neatness and cleanliness in personal hygiene and housekeeping. She is particular about food and diet and concerned about health. She is probably a good cook, but health is as important to her as taste.
She may be shy and retiring, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes. She pays attention to detail; wishing to serve. She will not ask personal questions unless necessary; she is curious, but in relation only to her work or practical affairs.
Moon in Third House Her thought and speech will probably be influenced by emotional factors unconsciously arising from family affairs and early childhood conditioning. She may often become emotionally involved - in some cases her reason may be distorted by emotional biases - and she identifies with the ideas of others. She is prone to daydreaming and fantasy, so that her thinking may be strongly influenced by her imagination. Also, her thoughts and speech may he preoccupied by trivial matters.
She has an incessant curiosity, tires easily of monotonous routine, and is constantly moving about. There is much activity with brothers and sisters; neighbors are regarded as part of the family.
Moon Trine Mars She tends to be active emotionally and to have an abundance of psychic energy. She is enterprising in business and in building up the home and domestic life. There is a great deal of strong feeling, but it is controlled and constructively used. She will fight for what is right and possesses the ability to back her imagination with will and action. Her robust health and energy lead to an intensity of experience which in turn improves her imaginative faculties.
Moon Sextile Jupiter She is generous and has emotional sympathy. She is charitable, especially where the family is concerned and money and resources will be used in the home to make it a place of beauty and comfort. She may have strong religious emotions which will make the her devout and idealistic in their religious practices.
Her tendencies to contentment, optimism, and a cheerful disposition will contribute to her success and may contribute to the accumulation of wealth. Her honesty, integrity, and genuine fondness for people can also contribute to her business success.
Because of her strong emotional ties to the home, she will travel only when necessary. However, when she does travel to foreign countries, she will be especially favored.
Moon Sextile Saturn She has patience and practicality in professional and domestic matters. She is also a good organizer, frugal, and has integrity in these areas. She will always keep her financial affairs in order. Since she is level-headed rather than inspired, she will be better at maintaining the status quo than empire building. She may inherit wealth and position.

Mercury in Cancer She has a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns. Unconscious desires will cause her to look at some facts and ignore others, the results being bias and prejudice and interference with objective thinking. At times, she may be untruthful without consciously realizing it.
She has a good memory, because of the emotional intensity that is associated with the thoughts. She also has a tendency to absorb much information subliminally or to learn by osmosis. In fact, much of her mental process occurs on an unconscious level, although it is manifested as conscious intent. Since she is highly susceptible to the attitudes and opinions of those around her, her thinking can be influenced by emotional appeals, such as patriotism. She is very sensitive personally and tends to believe that whatever is done or spoken in her environment is directed toward her.
Mercury in Twelfth House Her thinking is strongly influenced by unconscious memories and habits stemming from past experiences. Decisions are based on feeling rather than logic reasoning, since many impressions filter up from the unconscious mind to color the thinking. She is likely to be secretive about her inner thoughts and ideas. She may be shy and hesitate say what she really thinks. Valuable ideas and knowledge may be gained through intuitive or psychic ability. Her imagination is very active.
There may be neurotic tendencies, mental illness, and a fixation on past experiences that are not relevant to present circumstances. She may also find hard to relate to the external environment and so experience learning difficulties. She may have had trouble relating during early education, which could have resulted in reading problems or other mental blocks.
Mercury Oppose Mars She may have an argumentative disposition causing verbal conflict with others when she feels abused. At times she will take a contrary point of view for the sake of argument. This trait does not help her popularity. She may be critical, fault-finding, sticklers for accuracy in thought and word. Nevertheless, her impulsiveness often makes her overlook pertinent details, or she totally fails to see the other person's point of view.
There is a tendency to take ideas too personally or to become ego-identified with them. She is often unable to see things from a multi faceted point of view. An attack on her thoughts is taken as a personal affront. She may be prone to have a nervous, hypersensitive disposition. Her tongue may be sharp. Naturally, such attributes, which interfere with harmony and communication, do not make for friendly relationships and can affect friends, brothers, sisters, partners, or co-workers. There can be disputes over the use of joint resources.
Mercury Conjunct Ascendant She has exceptional intelligence. She thinks before she acts and expresses herself in clear logical terms. Her basic consciousness is closely linked with her logical thinking ability.
She is likely to have a somewhat nervous appearance and a frail but agile body. Her primary interests are in education, speech, and writing. If she is educated to use her intelligence, her exceptional mental abilities will help her achieve prominence. She may be inclined toward verbosity, which can be an annoyance.
Mercury Trine Midheaven There is an unusually close connection between her intelligence and professional ambition. She has the ability to write on subject matter that pertains to her profession, and enables her to communicate well with those in authority.
Her home is likely to be a place of intellectual endeavor and probably contains a sizable library. She wants to share her intellectual and educational interests with her family as well as using them in their professional work. She is good at promoting harmony through good communication, between the domestic and professional spheres of life. At times, relatives play a helpful part in both professional and domestic affairs.

Venus in Cancer She is deeply sensitive in her romantic feelings. Her extreme sensitivity means her feelings can be easily hurt, but she hides this vulnerability behind a dignified exterior. Since her mood can be fluctuating and unpredictable, she values both financial and domestic security. She will likely marriage as the means to a stable domestic life, cherishing her family and her own home. She wants demonstrative affection because it makes her feel secure and loved. She tends to make her home a place of comfort and beauty and the focus of social activities. If unmarried she will often prefer staying home with a date for dinner to going out to public places of entertainment.
She will tend to be very domestic, liking to cook and keep house for those she loves. She has a delicate femininity, which will probably be eventually expressed in a maternal way.
Because Cancer is a cardinal sign, at times she will take the initiative when she feels bored and lonely, though she will try to do so unobtrusively.
Venus in First House Venus in the First House indicates people who possess personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a friendly demeanor. This position is especially favorable in a woman's horoscope because it confers physical beauty. There is usually a happy childhood, which leads to a happy outlook on life. Venus in the First House also shows that the person is socially outgoing and active in efforts to develop friendship and romance.
People with this position are fond of beautiful clothes and all things that will enhance their personal appearance. Their natural ability to mix socially is likely to result in business, romantic, and marital opportunities. Talent may be manifested in art, music, or some other art form.
Venus Conjunct Uranus She is inclined to sudden attractions. Her effervescent, sparkling personality makes her quite popular. She loves social activity, amusement, parties, and stimulating experiences in general. Artists with this aspect have an original, individualistic style. She has strong social inclinations, since the aspect has the combined influences of Libra, the Seventh House, and Aquarius, the Eleventh House. There is a tendency to confuse friendship and love, so that her love life tends to be erratic, with powerful, immediate attractions that break off suddenly.
Since she wants to bestow their affections universally, it is hard for her to remain romantically tied to one person. She should not marry in haste, even though she may have an extraordinary urge to do so. A long engagement will determine whether a given relationship will last.
If there are other indications in the horoscope, such as emphasis on earth signs or a well-aspected Saturn - indicating that the natives can keep their feet on the ground - they can bring happiness to others through original means of service.
Venus Conjunct Ascendant She has physical beauty and her personal mannerisms and appearance are pleasing and harmonious. She is able to bring harmony and beauty into her surroundings through her ability to express these qualities. She can sometimes be socially aggressive because of the Mars/Aries connotation of the First House.

Mars in Capricorn Great energy is channeled into professional ambition. The desire for recognition and high status is intense; her actions are well organized and carefully calculated to achieve concrete results in terms of money and professional advancement. Professional success provides the ability to supply the material needs of the self, the family, and other dependents. Hence, many business executives who have struggled to achieve high positions in their organizations have Mars in Capricorn or the Tenth House, as do politicians and others who seek recognition and fame. She may not expend as much energy as do those with Mars in Aries or have the emotional intensity of those with Mars in Scorpio, but the energy she does expend is more effectively used.
Generally, she has a high degree of self-control and discipline; she is are able to take orders from those in power and implement them appropriately. She expects the same discipline and obedience from those under her authority. Many people who pursue military careers have Mars in Capricorn.
She takes pride in doing a job correctly, and has a corresponding disrespect for laziness and lack of ambition. Parents with this position want their children to amount to something. It will be very disturbing to her if her children display Bohemian tendencies and live a life of inactivity.
Mars in Sixth House Her energy and skill are expressed through work. The work generally involves the use of sharp tools, or machinery that consumes or produces large amounts of power; hence this position is found in the horoscopes of machinists, engine builders, mechanics, heavy-equipment operators, steel workers, and mechanical engineers.
She is a hard, and energetic worker with little patience for people who are lazy or who do not want to exert themselves to earn a living. She displays skill and precision in her work, and her self-esteem comes from completing her work and doing it well. As Mars is exalted in Capricorn - the sign indicating the employer - those with Mars in the Sixth House can achieve security and prominence by working for a well-organized, efficient business concern.
Mars Oppose Jupiter This opposition produces extravagant tendencies, especially with other people's money. She may appear to be outgoing and friendly, but this attitude may serve her own interest. She may be opinionated and aggressive in promoting her religious and philosophic viewpoints, a trait that often antagonizes others. At times this zeal serves to provide a socially acceptable outlet for her self-assertiveness, which often tempts her to attempt great things without the necessary resources to succeed.
Mars Sextile Saturn Its best qualities are manifested where strenuous work and physical discipline are required. Endurance and fortitude are the prime virtues of this aspect. Precision in workmanship is favored and mechanical abilities are often part of the general capacity for careful work.
She uses her energy in the most practical and efficient way. Saturn controls the impulsiveness of Mars while Mars overcomes the fearfulness of Saturn, producing courage. The sextile between these two planets does not make for a charming personality; she may have a Spartan attitude toward life and often gives the impression of coldness and austerity.
Mars Sextile Midheaven Favorable for constructive action in professional and domestic affairs. There are opportunities for career advancement, leading to fulfillment in the home. Sometimes the home is used as a base for carrying on professional activities.

Jupiter in Cancer Jupiter in the sign Cancer is in its exaltation. This usually indicates a good family background - not necessarily one of wealth or social standing, but a childhood environment and parental influence that instill kindness, generosity, and religious and moral principles at an early age. These characteristics are a part of her basic expression.
Jupiter here often indicates a large home, with many people on the domestic scene. She has a strong maternal instinct, and sometimes a tendency to mother the world. The home is also used as a place for religious, philosophic, and educational activities.
Since those with Jupiter in this sign love good food, she may be a good cook. However, she may be inclined to over eat or to eat foods that are better for the palate than the digestive system.
Jupiter in Twelfth House This shows an interest in an inner spiritual search through seclusion, meditation, and introspective study.
Deep sympathy for those in need is incorporated in this position of Jupiter and she will aid those in need by lavish donations to charity. She derives emotional satisfaction from helping others, and may work behind the scenes in large institutions, such as hospitals, asylums, universities, and churches.
With this position of Jupiter also comes the ability to make friends out of enemies. Sincerity and humility are the rule and she may receive hidden support and sustenance in times of crisis, which she has merited by her past good deeds
Jupiter Trine SaturnThis is an excellent indication of a generally responsible person with common sense, honesty, and integrity. It confers business, financial, and managerial abilities.
She is provident, farsighted, and capable of coordinating large-scale tasks that carry with them heavy obligations. The trine favors a career in politics or public life. She would make and excellent executive or government official. She has a good public reputation.
This is also a fine aspect for lawyers and judges. Saturn is exalted Libra, a sign dealing with justice and law, and is ruler of Capricorn, sign dealing with government. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the Ninth House, which rules the law as codified cultural thought. This aspect has a Ninth and Fifth House connotation.
She will tend to be serious-minded, dignified, even-tempered with a religious outlook on life, which is likely to be along orthodox lines. The trine adds much stability to their lives. She is charitable, but discriminating as to how and to whom charity is given.

Saturn in Scorpio Indicates responsibility in financial affairs, such as corporate resources, partner's finances, taxes, inheritances, insurance, and matters concerning the property of others. Business activity is likely to deal with corporate financing, insurance, and tax accounting.
She is usually a perfectionist in her work and is always trying to improve the structure of the status quo. If this proclivity is carried too far, she can earn a reputation as a hard taskmaster. Having little patience with attitudes that reflect laziness or unwillingness to work, she is sensitive to lack of diligence in others as well as in herself. She exerts much energy and willpower on practical accomplishments.
She accepts responsibilities with a serious emotional intensity that often burdens her; she must learn to deal calmly and efficiently with them as they arise. Thoroughness, persistence, and determination are the rule with Saturn in Scorpio, giving a drive for success that is equaled by only a few other positions. She desires authority and will struggle hard to attain her ambitions; whether she uses fair means or foul depends on Saturn's aspects.
She is capable of harboring deep resentment when she feels she has been dealt with unjustly. She may also have an almost fanatic adherence to principle.
Saturn in Fifth House Indicates heavy responsibilities concerning children or difficulties in giving birth. She is probably organized with a sense of structure in art and music. Business or career may deal with speculation, schools, or places of entertainment. People with this position make good investors and stockbrokers of a conservative type. Often Saturn placed in the Fifth House gives ambition for power and leadership through artistic self-expression; politics and business management can serve as creative outlets. She may become romantically involved with an older, mature person. Romantic involvements in general are likely to entail weighty obligations. She may be too reserved in her creative self-expression, and in her attitudes toward art and pleasure. Self-consciousness stands in the way of her attaining happiness and the love of others. She must learn to give herself, to reach out with love to others. Only when she discovers how to express herself openly and warmly will she be able to find happiness.

Uranus in Cancer One of a generation of people who seek freedom and excitement through emotional expression. They frequently have untraditional ideas about home and family life, and they seek independence and freedom from a too strict parental authority; they prefer to be friends with their parents. However, when they leave home they make certain that they can return if the new territory they are exploring is untenable. Many of the people born between June 1949 and June 1956, with Uranus in Cancer, left their homes in order to have more freedom than family life allowed. Those with Uranus in Cancer run their homes in an unusual way. They have a taste for modern architecture or uniquely styled buildings, and they will fill their homes with electronic gadgets and striking decor. They like to use their homes as meeting places for friends and group activities. They may also be interested in communal living or in other family arrangements besides the traditional nuclear family. In many cases their friends become members of the family. There is considerable psychic sensitivity with Uranus in Cancer. Occult activities are likely to be part of the domestic scene.
Uranus in First House She has a strong drive for freedom in her personal behavior. She may possess unusual scientific and intuitive talents. She may also be regarded as eccentric, unusual, or advanced in some way, since she has little concern for conventional behavior. She will tend to seek unusual friendships and activities. This position of Uranus encourages restlessness and a desire for constant change and excitement. She may find it bard to accept a routine existence, often preferring excitement and adventure to security. There is a desire for leadership in groups and organizations, especially the type that promotes reforms, new ideas, and advanced spiritual concepts. She seeks to become involved with the new, the untried, the inventive and is subject to many changes of attitude and purpose; she tends to vacillate between extreme viewpoints. For these reasons her personal behavior is unpredictable.
Uranus square Neptune This square is indicative of a generation (those born in the 1950s) whose karma it is to live in a time of exceptional social turmoil. The natives are prone to emotional and psychic confusion. However, these effects will not be pronounced in the average individual unless Uranus or Neptune is in an angular house or heavily aspected by squares and oppositions from other planets. The degree to which the above is true and which houses are involved in the square will indicate to what extent and in what manner individuals are affected by the turmoil. Also to be considered are the affairs ruled by houses and signs in which Uranus and Neptune are found and the houses they rule. These will be subject to peculiar, sudden, elusive, and upsetting conditions.
The natives can be somewhat high-strung, willful, and nervous. They are inclined to have set ideas and opinions. Involvement in secret societies and intrigues is possible. There can be high idealism, but of a confused and sometimes impractical kind. This feature again depends on the rest of the map. Mediumistic and occult matters can be a source of trouble: The natives must cope with discordant and inharmonious conditions on these levels.

Neptune in Libra is the sign of the post World War 2 generation. During this time the institution of marriage was subject to much confusion and an increasing divorce rate. The resulting broken homes led to uncertainty of values regarding relationship obligations among the younger generation. There is an instinct for emotional and social conformity with Neptune in Libra, which in its negative expression results in the blind leading the blind. This was manifested in such phenomena as drug abuse, and the psychedelic culture. On the positive side, Neptune in Libra gave this generation an intuitive awareness of social relationships and the concept of mutual social responsibility based more upon the spirit of the law than on literal interpretation.
Neptune in Fifth House indicates an unconscious desire for love and appreciation through romance and creative self-expression. Artistic and musical talent may be inspired from intuitive levels. The ability to play roles gives talent in the performing arts; there is in general a love of the theater.
Peculiar circumstances may surround romantic attachments and the sex life. Her children will probably be sensitive and intuitive. Sometimes this position indicates broken families, creating for the native's child a situation similar to one in which the parents have never been married.
Neptune Sextile Pluto This aspect is of extremely long duration. Therefore, this aspect affects world karma and mass destiny far more than it influences individual natives. It indicates a tremendous opportunity for spiritual advancement in world civilization.

Pluto in Leo - generational(1939-1957) Leo is a sign of leadership and of expression of energy and power. Pluto's passage through Leo marked an era in which atomic energy - ruled by Pluto through its sign of exaltation - was discovered and the first used, both violently and peacefully. This is the generation born into the awesome alternatives of total destruction or undreamed of heights in technological achievement. This period began with the intense conflict of World War II and the subsequent birth of many new sovereign nations out of the former colonial empires of European nations.
Pluto in Third House indicates a penetrating mind able to comprehend the fundamental causes of life's experiences and manifestations. She generally has strong opinions, which if she cannot express forcefully she will not express at all. In any event she will not compromise her beliefs unless factual evidence shows her they are wrong. Her original ideas will attract friends and partners who will help in the utilization and improvement of her ideas. This position gives mental resourcefulness and scientific ability. There can also be interest in the study of occult subjects. Through various circumstances she may be responsible for exclusive or secret information pertaining to matters of great importance. What she communicates and thinks may have serious consequences. She may also tend to travel in secret for mysterious reasons, encountering strange experiences, such as accidents, in the course of travel.

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