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Virgo - the Maid

Inner Light

Archetypes: The Servant, The Martyr, The Perfectionist, The Analyst.

Basic Characteristics:
Virgo is second in the natural order of earth signs and natives can be expected to have strong practical and material interests. As it is a mutable sign, adaptability and changeability can be expected. The ruler of Virgo is traditionally Mercury, the planet of intellect and reason and communication. Modern research indicates Virgo's ruler(s) may in fact be the asteroids Ceres (goddess of the harvest) and Vesta (goddess of the hearth).

Virgo has a character that tends to be withdrawn, exacting, and dedicated to the pursuit of perfection through continual analysis. By meticulous attention to detail they attempt to bring order out of chaos. The superstition-ridden astrology of the Middle Ages classified Virgo as a server. This was reasonable when Virgo was heavily represented among the those few who could write and do sums and consequently served as retainers on the staff of an illiterate nobility. That the slight still lives on is due to the Virgoan dedication to orderliness. They will often jump in and volunteer to perform a task lest someone else mess it up. This is the sign most intently dedicated to problem solving for its own sake. Where Capricorn uses many of the same techniques, its problem solving is motivated by ambition, as Taurus' is by the drive to possess. Virgo solves problems simply because they need to be solved, because they stand in the way of perfection.

They tend to meet life as if it were made up of a continued series of problems. When faced with something they do not understand, they immediately begin to break it down into its elements, giving careful attention to the relationships that exist between them. Then they mentally place the pieces in various compartments and study them until they are able to grasp a single relationship that governs the whole.

Virgo is associated with purity. The common understanding of it, by reason of the name of Virgo, is moral purity. However, the purity referred to has the connotation of unadulterated or unalloyed. Virgo is self-sufficient, efficient and complete. They have the strongest appreciation for things that exist by and of themselves without being mixed with anything else. For instance, from a moral point of view, they are quite capable of enjoying sex, provided it is uncontaminated by romance. But as Virgo has high aesthetic standards, function must be united with form. Beauty standing alone without function has no practical purpose, and Virgo is, above all else, eminently practical.

While the traditional assignment of Mercury as ruler to Virgo would indicate Virgoans would have a need to communicate to the world at large their discoveries, Mercury's fun-loving gamesman-ship is missing from the Virgo mix. Vesta's concern for hearth and home, duty and responsibility, work and efficiency, is more Virgo's style. Virgoans tend to communicate their discoveries out of a need to teach others how things are best done rather than simply chattering away at how great they are in finding solutions.

Ruler and Element: Ceres/Vesta - Earth

Colors: Navy, gray, flaxen color (wheat)

Gem: emerald, sapphire, lapis lazuli

Flowers: blue violets, bachelor buttons

Scents: violet-woodsy-mossy blend

Mineral: Quicksilver (mercury)

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