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Taurus - the Bull

Lonely Bull

Archetypes: The Earth Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One.

Taurus is an earth sign and correlates with practicality and a good sense of material values. It is one of the fixed signs and is resistant to change. People with Taurus emphasized in their horoscope would show predominantly conservative features. The planet Venus, age-old symbol of harmony and beauty, rules Taurus. Generally, Taureans are peaceful, conservative people with a practical materialistic outlook and a great appreciation of the beautiful things of life.

Basic Characteristics:
This is the most conservative sign of the zodiac. By nature they are calm and serene and prefer a slow, even tempo of life. They are not to be hurried and tend to become a little suspicious of those who would rush them. They are likely to think that people born under Aries are rash and impetuous, and that those born under Gemini are vapid and insincere. Whatever they do, they like to do at an even, stable pace and are inclined to be quite serious in their approach to life. They have good realistic common sense, extraordinary patience, and a strong sense of loyalty to their own type.

Possessions are very important to them as symbols of well-being and security. This includes those people who are important to them as well, such as family and friends. Their ideas, their philosophy of life, and their spiritual concepts are - in a sense - also 'possessions.' They watch over them jealously. If anything that they feel belongs to they is threatened, they react violently. In the field of interpersonal relations, they are inclined to be, if anything, overly possessive. In the area of romantic affection, this can cause them grief.

Their manner of meeting problems is to plod into them at a deliberate, methodical pace without any sense of urgency; they like to move slowly, thinking over carefully each step that they take. If someone tries to hurry them, they are very likely to come to a dead halt and refuse to do anything until the pressure eases.

They are quite persistent and on occasion, can be obstinate and stubborn. They believe that persistent application of effort will solve all problems. Even if set back, they usually refuse to admit defeat. They regroup their forces and plod slowly ahead once more confident in their philosophy that a stubborn pursuit of their objective will ultimately be rewarded with success.

They are not afraid of hard work. In fact, they believe very strongly in it and, as far as they are concerned hard work, steadfastly applied, can achieve any goal. They are not particularly enterprising, preferring to proceed in well-established ways. They have a reputation for reliability and are best off in a position where they can feel that people depend on them.

By nature they are inclined to be sensual, a matter which relates to their Venus rulership. They have a strong appreciation for the beautiful and take particular delight in its expression in plastic form, as in statuary and other solid art objects. In paintings they lean toward the pastel hues. Their decisions are often influenced by the consideration of what is both practical and beautiful - design is as important to them as is function.

Ruler, Element and Mode: Venus - Earth - Fixed

Colors: Powder blue, moss green, turquoise, pink

Gem: Cabochon emerald, turquoise, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli

Flowers: Blue-forget-me-nots, miniature roses, flowers growing close to the earth.

Scents: Floral-woodsy-mossy blend

Mineral: Quicksilver

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