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Scorpio - the Scorpion

The Anvil Chorus
by Giuseppe Verdi

Archetypes: The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist.

Basic Characteristics:
Scorpio is the second in the natural order of the water signs and is strongly motivated by feeling. As a fixed sign, it is resistant to change. It can be logically assumed that those born under Scorpio would maintain an unwavering interest in what affects them emotionally. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the emblem of intensive action. In sum, then those who have Scorpio in their charts will react intensively to deep emotional conditions.

Scorpios have a character marked by a capacity for deep and passionate response to those things which affect their feelings. Unlike the other water signs, the Moon-ruled Cancer and mutable Pisces, their reactions tend to be stabilized and long-lasting - when they get something on their mind, it stays there like the electric charge on a battery until they get ready to do something about it. When they finally decide to take action, the result is sometimes explosively surprising. Because of both the emotional depth of water and the fixed quality of Scorpio, they have the longest memory of all the signs. They can use this to perform a psychological trick for learning things in a hurry. Take whatever they want to memorize and express it to yourself in connection with some aspect of emotion to which they have had a strong response. Anything learned this way will tend to be locked in their mind, ready for instant recall later.

Pluto, their ruling planet, was named for the old god of the underworld who had, among other things cognizance over earthquakes and volcanic activity. That rulership shows up in their way of coping with problems. When they are faced with a problem, they react according to the emotional intensity of that problem to them as an individual. If the emotional influence is strong enough, their reaction is immediate, perhaps so fast as to stun onlookers. If they do not react at once, they mull over the problem in their mind for a while, then, when the time is appropriate, they react. Again, the reaction is likely to come as a surprise to others. One of the reasons for this is that when they are thinking over a problem they are inclined to withdraw into themselves and become somewhat uncommunicative. They devote their entire attention to the problem and their associates have no inkling of what they are thinking about. They put a tremendous amount of mental energy into whatever is the subject of their thoughts. This, magnified by subjective emotional considerations associated with the problem, can cause them to over react at times. In fact Scorpios have a reputation for frequently using more energy than is really needed to achieve a given end.

Because they tend to get so wrapped up in matters that they are not likely to communicate about they are considered by many to be secretive. This is quite true and, in a broad sense, harmless. It is simply their way of doing things. On the other hand, that secretiveness can on occasion work to their disadvantage: others may tend to regard it with suspicion and feel that they are working contrary to their interests. This is compounded by the fact that they are decidedly aggressive in their attitude as far as achieving their own goals is concerned.

In general, their strongest impulse is to work toward their own ends with a quiet, uncommunicative intensity. They do not announce their progress and when they are finished with what they have to do, they produce the results somewhat dramatically and unexpectedly. They are very sensitive to any and all influences from their environment. They have a profound curiosity regarding anything that is not immediately clear to them. They enjoy unraveling mysteries - when not creating them themselves.

Ruler and Element: Pluto - Water

Colors: Blood red, battleship gray, taupe-brown

Gem: deep blue sapphire, black pearl, bloodstone

Flowers: honeysuckle

Scents: oriental with honeysuckle top-tone

Mineral: Iron

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