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Sagittarius - the Archer

Jupiter, by Holst

Archetypes: The Gypsy, The Student, The Philosopher.

Basic Characteristics:
Sagittarius is last in the natural order of fire signs and is strongly motivated toward activity. As a mutable sign, it is adaptable and marked by changeability. Those born with a strong Sagittarian influence in their horoscope will tend to maintain a strong interest in shifting easily from one area of activity to another. As Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the emblem of expansiveness, so Sagittarians can be expected to demonstrate a free-ranging tendency toward actively contacting newer and broader fields of interest.

Sagittarius has a character marked by a tendency to range further and farther a field in search of new spheres of interest. They differ from the other fire signs in that they have a less provincial self-awareness. Where Aries is conscious of the need for establishing the Self through action and Leo is conscious of the need for actively maintaining the integrity of Self, Sagittarius is aware of the importance of expanding the Self through perpetually new experiences.

They share some of the qualities of their opposite number, the sign of Gemini, but they share them in the same sense that the man shares some of the qualities of the youth. Gemini has a universal interest; so do they. But their interest is more profound than that of the other sign. For Gemini, experiences are isolated things, to be sampled, explored, and then put aside; for them, experiences are building blocks to between evaluated, and then integrated into the growing edifice that is their philosophical relationship to the cosmos.

This is very evident in their manner of problem-solving. When presented with a problem, their first reaction is to treat it as a new experience - which it is. Their next step is to scan their memory banks to see how the new problem relates to other experiences. Before long they have built up a brand-new network of interrelationships of which the main problem is no more than a component part reduced to its proper size and perspective. Intuitively they sense a solution and impulsively apply it.

A lifetime of experience in this method leads to its submergence in the unconscious part of the mind. It becomes instinctive and its continued successes generates confidence. The result is that people of this sign manifest a degree of optimism that is known to no other. This optimism contributes to their characteristic air of jovial expansiveness.

Their confidence and optimism can work to their disadvantage at times. Those who do not know them well may mistake it for a lack of responsibility. This makes people apprehensive about placing their confidence in them. When this happens, their way out is to show them results, show them that 'deeds are better things than words are.'

Their optimism and energy combine in their enthusiasm. Without confidence, no one can be enthusiastic. With confidence, one becomes free to shoot for higher goals. Hence the idealism that is another characteristic of Sagittarius.

Theirs is a world of ever expanding relationships - between them and others, them and things, them and ideas. Motion keynotes they and intuition guides them; the cosmos is their corral.

Ruler and Element: Jupiter - Fire

Colors: royal purple, blue red

Gem: ruby, turquoise

Flowers: deep red carnation, holly, poinsettia

Scents: carnation with woodsy-citrusy notes

Mineral: tin

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