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Pisces - the Fish

Neptune, by Holst

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Poet.

Basic Characteristics:
Pisces is the last in the natural order of the water signs and is closely associated with feeling. As a mutable sign, it is very responsive to circumstance. Those born with the sign of Pisces strong in their horoscopes will probably exhibit a pronounced reaction to emotional elements in their environment. As Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy and imagination, the Piscean type can be expected to respond to things of emotional significance with a high degree of spirituality.

The Pisces character is structured so as to evaluate life situations in terms of their emotional and spiritual content. They have a capacity for deep feeling and are likely to forsake material considerations in favor of those that manifest a more sentimental aspect. Their response to the emotional side of their environment is rapid and fluctuating. If something affects them, it is likely to affect them deeply but may be replaced in a very short time by an analogous response to a quite different stimulus. The quality of imagination associated with their ruling planet, Neptune, gives them the ability of subjectively exploring all the ramifications of feeling inherent in a situation.

They do not explore these in depth, as does Pluto ruled Scorpio, or with a view toward maintaining a protective attitude as does initiatory Cancer. Their objective is to experience the sentimental side of them, but they experience in breadth, not in depth. Their mode of problem-solving is similar to that of the other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. They do not rush to meet a problem head on. but work on it gradually, attacking its basic cause. In this, their progress is less noticeable than is the case with Cancer and Scorpio. People may not be aware that any action is being taken at all. This may have given rise to the legend of Piscean passivity. Actually, they are more imperceptible than passive. They act, but they act without calling attention to themselves. And when they do act, it is not on the manifest effects of a problem situation, but rather on the roots of it. In their acting they are governed less by pragmatism than by sentimentality. They like to think in terms of what is meet and appropriate and not so much of what is merely expedient.

They are the most intuitive of all the signs and their reasoning processes occur very often at the subconscious level. What they may take to be a 'feeling' or a 'hunch' is something that has really been thought out fully, but beyond the reaches of their conscious mind. In that reasoning process they are guided by the sentimental aspects of their problem. Sometimes they have trouble because of this as it gives them a deep personal sensitivity to slights that are purely imaginary. If they are not in possession of all the facts, they automatically scan all the broad emotional aspects of a situation and are likely to arrive at the conclusion that something has happened at which they should take offense. This involves a lot of unnecessary anguish for them and can be avoided if they deliberately reason out the facts on the conscious level.

Their adaptability and quick emotional reaction sometimes confuse others. They think that Pisceans are changeable or too unstable in maintaining an opinion they have arrived at. They are not aware that the Piscean mind tends continually to develop the emotional aspect of whatever they are thinking about and that in this respect, as they are sensitive to the reactions of others in the matter, they are stimulated to progressively develop newer and newer opinions.

As they are emotionally sensitive, so also are they emotionally aggressive: they try to influence the thinking of others by appeals to their emotions. In this they are aided by their very fertile imagination, and as a result, are frequently successful.

In sum, their basic nature is one that reacts strongest to emotional aspects of their environment. They work slowly but persistently. When they are faced with a problem, they go quietly to work on the cause rather than its manifestation. They are highly imaginative and make use of their imagination to form their own picture of the world about them.

Ruler and Element: Neptune - Water

Colors: water colors - aqua, mauve, sea green

Gem: light sapphire, pearl, aquamarine

Flowers: tuberose, gardenia

Scents: gardenia or tuberose

Mineral: platinum

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