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Libra - the Scales

Venus, by Holst

Archetypes: The Lover, The Artist, The Peacemaker.

Basic Characteristics:
Libra is the second in natural order of the air signs and correlates with intellectuality and relationship. Since it is a cardinal sign, there is a certain element of activity initiated within its sphere of interest. But Libra is also a Venus-ruled sign, and as such is concerned with what is appropriate, beautiful, and harmonious.

Libra has a positive fetish for seeing that things in order. This compulsion is different from that of the preceding sign, Virgo, in that there is a more emotional motivation to it. That is, Virgo is inclined to order things in an abstract way primarily for order's sake. Libra has a different motivation. Their mode of ordering things is to establish a harmonious relationship, primarily between people. Their sign is always associated with the idea of balance.

Their mode of problem-solving is to weigh very carefully the pros and cons of a given situation and then establish a goal that will represent a state of harmony or balance. They begin to work toward that goal, carefully balancing out the minor sub-problems that they meet on the way.

The attainment of the state of balance is so important to them that they are guided by it rather than by conventional morality. They will not hesitate, for example, to 'improve the truth' if it will serve their purpose. Since this in itself represents a state of imbalance, they try not to do so by an out-and-out lie: they prefer the use of the mental reservation or are simply evasive when faced with a question. These are traits that they share with the other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius. As noted above, they frequently resort to secrecy when they expect resistance, knowing that the production of a fait accompli is likely to leave them in a position that is unassailable. Thus their goal is achieved and harmony is brought into a relationship. They may have made some new enemies in the process, but they have confidence that their eternal balancing act will straighten out any problems they may encounter there.

In doing these things, they have a good deal of the child-like self-confidence of Leo, in that they automatically assume that things are going to go their way. And because a firm though gratuitous assumption is a potent psychological weapon, they very often succeed.

Ruler and Element: Venus - Air

Colors: pink (all shades), blue indigo

Gem: pink diamond, opal, pink jade, pink marble

Flowers: pink rose, pink lavender

Scents: multi-floral with rose or lavender base

Mineral: rose quartz

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