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Leo - the Lion

Here Comes the Sun
by George Harrison

Archetypes: The King(Queen), The Performer, The Clown, The Child

Basic Characteristics:
Leo is the second in natural order of the fire signs and as such correlates with awareness of Self, enthusiasm, boldness, and inspiration. As one of the fixed signs, it is resistant to change and we can expect that people with Leo prominent in their horoscopes will expend their boundless energy in the establishment and maintenance of an image of pride and conservatism. Leo is ruled by the Sun, emblem of vitality.

The Leo has a character that is strong, vital, and encircled by an aura of self-awareness. The natural fire sign idealism expresses these elements as pride, which, if only to maintain the self-image, must externalize itself as graciousness and magnanimity. In other words, though they are generous, it is in order that they be recognized and appreciated by others. Their image of themselves would dim if they exposed themselves to charges of being mean and petty. Though they like to do things for people, the gesture must originate with them. If someone has to ask they for something they sense a reflection on themselves that they did not think of offering it first. A common Leonian psychological reaction then is a negative response to the request based on the reaction that if he did indeed deserve what he asked for; they would already have given it to him. Ergo, he did not deserve it.

To maintain their image, they must encase it in some kind of armor, and the name of this is dignity. They hold themselves aloof to avoid a familiarity that might breed a lack of respect for them.

They are energetic when the occasion demands, though they are disinclined to undertake a venture at which they might fail. Since there is risk in almost anything that can be done, they often avoid the risk to their self-hood by doing nothing at all. When they do something, it has to be on the grand scale, unapproachable in magnitude by any competition. In any fire sign, the Self is the important thing: in Aries it is focused inwardly and accomplishment or failure is evaluated only in terms of Aries subjective standards; in Sagittarius, the Self becomes independent of the praise or criticism of others. But in Leo, there is the constant duty of maintaining the Self in the face of the environment. When confronted by a problem, their first impulse is to pass it off to someone else for solution. If they are not required to do something, they will make no mistake. If, however, the circumstances demand a solution of them, then they attempt to delegate the responsibility for it. That is, they get someone else to take the action on their behalf. Usually they do this in what has been described as an imperious manner, they make known their assumption that someone will handle the problem for them. A gratuitous assumption can be as forceful as orders to those who find a benefit in serving, such as waiters and military officers. The gratuitous assumption has another advantage; it saves them having to give an order that might not be obeyed.

If they cannot avoid the problem, and if they cannot get someone else to solve it for them, they solemnly extol it as a thing of magnificent complexity which, after all, only they could possibly handle. Then they immerse themselves in it in seclusion, emerging now and then to discourse on some new and unexpected complication that has presented itself. Eventually, they will arrive at a solution to the problem - or, as frequently happens, the problem disappears as a result of time's erosion. They are then free to reap their recognition and will advise people of that fact.

They were born to lead and inspire the confidence of others by their attitude. They can delegate responsibility and make it look as if they are conferring a favor. But, as they well know, they are best off when they do not have to take on any responsibility.

When thwarted or frustrated, their reaction is a regal withdrawal. They sit, robed in majesty and glare magnificently, defying anyone to approach or reproach them. This is fine for their injured sense of personal dignity, but time spent at it is unproductive.

In sum, the Leo depends for its maintenance on the recognition and approval of others. To gain these, they try to keep themselves above any and all criticism by avoiding any occasion for it. The result is usually inactivity. On the positive side, they do a wonderful job in inspiring others, particularly those who aspire to be such as they imagine them to be.

Ruler and Element: Sun - Fire

Colors: Sun yellow, sunset colors, coral-orange

Gem: cabochon ruby, canary diamond, coral

Flowers: sunflower, yellow tea rose, tiger lily, poppy

Scents: Jasmine, rose and sandalwood blend

Mineral: Gold

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