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Gemini - the Twins

Mercury, by Holst

Archetypes: The Witness, The Teacher, The Storyteller, The Journalist.

Basic Characteristics:
Gemini is an air sign and correlates with versatility, flexibility, and change. It is one of the mutable signs and thereby is endowed with a great capacity for adaptability to circumstance. As expected, people with the sign of Gemini prominent in their horoscopes show an intensive but transient interest in the shifting relationships between things. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the symbol of youth, intellect, and communication. In general, Geminians are young in spirit, intellectually inquisitive, and eager to communicate what they learn.

Theirs is the most intensively inquisitive sign of the zodiac. Fundamentally they are active and prefer a life that constantly brings they into contact with new intellectual experiences. They are used to moving rapidly, not only in the physical sense, but also in their contemplation of ideas. Whatever they do, they like to do it quickly and then move on to something new. They have an acute mind and their interests are oceanic in their scope.

Relationships are important to them, as are the ideas behind them. They want to know why this relates to that in such and such a fashion and like to experiment with ideas and enjoy discussing both sides of a question. As their interests lie in a number of fields, they tend to pick up at least a surface knowledge of many different skills. They enjoy applying these just for the sake of seeing them in action. They are venturesome and know that they learn best through experience and are constantly seeking new and interesting things with which to fascinate themselves. When they feel they have sufficiently explored something, they are quick to leave it for something more interesting. They are vulnerable to ennui, and one of their greatest trials is to listen to a boring harangue in which they have no opportunity to participate.

Their mode of problem-solving is to take up the problem, turn it over, explore it this way and that, discuss it at length with others until they have learned enough about it so that they cope with it with an intuitive response. Unsolved problems fascinate them. They like to discuss them.

They like games and puzzles and if they have a task to perform, they are likely to find some sort of game aspect to it. Sometimes they are slow to complete a simple job because they have come across some interesting aspect to it that no one had noticed before. It is almost impossible for them to look up one word in a dictionary: they are more likely to find themselves intrigued by the many new words that happen to catch their eye. They prefer work that challenges their intellect and offers them the opportunity to discover new relationships in it. They need lots of opportunity for movement, and physically or mentally, they must always be on the go. Inaction stifles them.

They do their best work when they have to operate under pressure. A fast-paced job is best for they. They usually have the wit to see its problems before they come up and are able, almost intuitively, to find ways to sidestep them.

By nature they are enthusiastic, but often without real warmth. They are more interested in relationships considered in the abstract than in the personalities they involve. There is a certain cool objectivity in the way that they look into things.

Ruler and Element: Mercury - Air

Colors: Two-tone blue, dove grays, yellow

Gem: diamond (blue-white) crystal, lapis lazuli

Flowers: Acacia, camellia

Scents: Fruity-floral and green grasses

Mineral: Quicksilver (mercury)

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