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Capricorn - the Goat

Saturn, by Holst

Archetypes: The Hermit, The Father, The Prime Minister.

Basic Characteristics:
Capricorn is the last in natural order of the earth signs and is associated with practicality in material matters. As a cardinal sign, it is initiatory and tends to be motivated by Self. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, emblem of restriction. Therefore, in Capricorn we might expect to find personal ambition pursued through the attainment of material objectives, but strongly modified by practical consideration.

The basic Capricorn character is marked by a profound concern for advancing themselves by doing what is expected of them. They differ from the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, in that they are motivated toward the achievement of their own ends, rather than toward merely static possessiveness or an endless search for order. They are governed by a sense of responsibility both to themselves and others. They absolve that responsibility by hard work and strict attention to detail. They have a direct and functional approach to problems. They are not diverted by fantasies of what might be done; they establish a clear picture of what can be done and the best way to go about doing it. Usually they pursue their objective along lines that have been found useful before, at least at the initial phase. However, should they see that their approach is not going to work, they resort to a new method. Very often the new method is one that comes as a surprise to others and may even cause a little nervousness.

In some ways they share certain qualities with Scorpio: an ability to work by yourself, very industriously and very patiently, making what casual observers might consider to be almost negligible progress. But they do progress and furthermore they consolidate each old position before moving on to the next one. That is, they make sure that they always have a sound foundation on which to build.

They are satisfied to move ahead a little bit at a time. They know that what they might gain by speed could be lost in terms of practicality. They always keep their goal in sharp focus and are not easily distracted from it. Of all the signs, they are the most businesslike. This attitude often carries over into their social life and they are seldom loathe to turn a social situation into one that has a practical advantage for them. Others sometimes look askance at this, considering they to be too materially motivated, but nothing qualifies them to pass a valid judgment on the Capricorn's way of doing things, and the Capricorn's own sense of what is ultimately practical is sufficient to keep them from seriously giving offense. They are conservative and pragmatic and when a course of action suggests itself to them, they consider first of all whether or not it can be made to succeed; and then, if it is successful, will it result in an advantage to them. If they choose to go ahead, they will do so by using methods that they know have worked before. This does not mean that they lack imagination, it means that they are not inclined to risk using an untried approach if they have one that has already proven itself.

Patience and energy are their allies. They are virtually tireless. These qualities are ones that ensure their ultimate success at anything that seems worthy of their interest. They are not basically altruistic, but are very conscious of their obligations to others and they sense obligation as something that can serve as a drag on them until absolved. They are very quick to pay their debts and insist on prompt repayment being made to them. If someone does they a favor, they will not rest until it is returned. Sometimes this results in doing things for people that they would as soon not have done; nonetheless, whatever it is that is done will be good for them, in a very practical way.

The basic Capricorn character is knowing and practical. They are motivated by personal ambition which they seek to realize in careful, workable ways. Their judgment and appreciation of the value of experience usually insure that they gain their goal.

Ruler and Element: Saturn - Earth

Colors: beige, green, brown, black, white

Gem: emerald, emerald jade, Russian malachite, black and white onyx

Flowers: geranium, daisies, all climbing flowers and those growing close to the earth.

Scents: geranium with woodsy-mossy notes

Mineral: lead

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