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Aries - the Ram

Mars, by Holst

Archetypes: The Warrior, The Pioneer, The Daredevil, The Survivor.

Basic Characteristics:
His sense of adventure is strong and is quick to rise to any challenge that offers him a chance to expend his over abundant store of energy, as if the mere experience of energy for its own sake were the motivating factor. He reacts spontaneously whenever there is a problem that can he solved by immediate and forceful action. His major drawback is that he is not capable of sustained effort. If he cannot get results right away, he is likely to turn his attention to another task. He has courage, initiative and enterprise. All of these qualities come to the fore when he is faced with the need for serious attention to a problem. The size of the problem does not matter as he tends to throw everything he has into getting it out of the way. Others may think he over reacts, putting too much effort into what they consider to be merely routine matters. But that is his way of clearing the field so that he can take up some new project.

He reactions are so spontaneous that he has little opportunity to exert any conscious control over them. He is impulsive and are sometimes accused of being rashly so. His reactions are so quick that at times he does not have the opportunity to get a grasp of all the facets of a problem facing him and is likely to be guilty of some grave errors of judgment due to acting without all the facts in a given situation.

Perseverance is not his forte. Though he responds quickly to a challenge, if he cannot dispose of it right away, he is likely to drop it and go on to something new. In the course of prolonged tasks, he are easily distracted as soon as some new thing comes to his attention. The new problem sparks your spontaneous reaction and demands that it be taken care of at once.

When confronted with a problem, his attempt at solution consists in meeting it head on with a blunt and very dynamic approach. Usually this approach will be one that has been tried before and found useful. He is imaginative, but seldom cares to take the time to think up an original method of approach to situations.

Ruler and Element and Mode: Mars - Fire - Cardinal

Colors: Red (all shades)

Gem: Ruby and all red stones

Flowers: Tulip, red rose, anemones

Scents: Rose and jasmine with spicy tones

Mineral Steel

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