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Aquarius - the Water Bearer

Uranus, by Holst

Archetypes: The Genius, The Revolutionary, The Truth Sayer, The Exile, The Scientist.

Basic Characteristics:
Aquarius is last in natural order of the air signs and correlates with versatility and expression. As one of the fixed signs it is resistant to change. People with the sign of Aquarius prominent in their horoscopes can be expected to express themselves in a wide variety of interests. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the symbol of newness and abrupt change. Generally, Aquarians are quick to take up new ideas and hold fast to them without regard for the opinions of others.

Aquarius is the most independent sign in the zodiac. They are intellectually active and very quick to originate or assimilate new ideas. They are inclined to believe that anything new is worth giving a try. Once they have found a new idea or a new relationship, they are loathe to give it up just because others criticize it. They are inclined to think that Virgos are too critical and Capricorns too practical. They have, however, no extremes of feelings and when their attention is directed to some new interest, they are inclined to forget the old.

As is the case with the other air signs, relationships are important to them. But where Gemini is primarily interested in the relationships that exist between things and Libra is concerned with the relationships between people, their interest lies chiefly in those relationships of an abstract origin. For them it is enough to conceive of these, if not to originate them. They leave to others the task of trying to see whether or not it can be made to work. They can be satisfied just to see them in action. Once they have launched an idea, they try to enlist support for it. But, if that support is not forthcoming, they are not at all deterred. They will cling firmly to their idea and not even think of relinquishing it until another comes along.

Their lack of interest in extremes is apparent in your problem-solving processes. They have patience and can await the outcome of your staying to a median line. They have foresight and are usually able to see what the outcome will be. They do not attack a problem quickly and depend on combination of an intuitive approach and moderation, and these, plus their ability to wait, usually result in their finding that the basic problem has ultimately fallen apart or blown over. On the other hand, in an emergency situation their problem-solving technique does not have time to work. For this reason they are sometimes accused either of being disinterested in a serious matter or of standing idly by and doing nothing in a helpless kind of way.

For them, the truth of falsity of a proposition is a relative thing. They have enough foresight to see that few if any truths are eternal. If truth are not lasting, then they feel they have the right to present something as true that is not actually so at the time, if it will aid them in gaining them ultimate objective. And perhaps by the time their objective is achieved, the proposition will have become true.

They dislike being pinned down to any course of action, probably because they know that they will have other ideas of what they would like to do in the future. Like Gemini and Libra, they have the air sign versatility that allows them to make up your plans as they go along. At times this leaves them open to accusations of indecisiveness and lack of determination. They are inclined to feel, however, that they can depend on their inspiration to see them through and, much to the surprise of everyone else, most of the time it does.

Ruler and Element: Uranus - Air

Colors: plaids, stripes, electric blue, psychedelic shades

Gem: diamond, blue sapphire, amethyst

Flowers: white lilac, orchid.

Scents: modern abstract with lilac base

Mineral: Uranium

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